A chat with Samantha Rutt

Introduce yourself, when did you start paddling and what type of paddling do you do most?  

It feels much longer but I first stood on a SUP in 2015 on holiday in Portugal.  I think most people know me from racing but I have recently started doing some longer distance challenges and am pretty much combining the two at the moment and working my way around the coast…I also love it if we get some swell on the Norfolk coast so I can get out on my SUP Surfboard. 

How does paddling make you feel/help your mental health? 

Paddling is my therapy. Anyone who knows me knows I talk a lot about mental health (a lot haha) and how being on the ocean has been a place where I can just reconnect with nature and breathe.   It also makes me feel quite free, the ocean its so expansive and you can go off and explore and no two days are the same, so it keeps challenging me. 

How often do you paddle and what other movement do you enjoy? 

As a racer I structure my training around a yearly plan so I can (hopefully) peak for certain races.  So this means training between 5-6 days a week…some days two sessions. It’s not all on the water though as I include strength based workouts and yoga as well.  I love Brazilian Jujitsu if I am not on the water, although that’s stopped this year with covid but I cant wait to get back to it.

What has your experience with kit been and why is PaddleKitHerWay important to you?

Its so tough to get anything that fits properly…and I get frustrated that I can’t get anything that doesn’t squish my boobs… (sorry not sure if I should say that haha) but its true.  The biggest issue I face is my shape. I used to describe myself as an odd shape but actually I am not an odd shape…the truth is I have the shape of a female and that’s not often taken into account with sup clothing, wetsuits etc. The other thing with kit is the sizes between brands vary wildly I am 4 sizes different between some wetsuit manufacturers.  

Finally what would you say to a woman who was thinking about trying paddleboarding? 

What are you waiting for…..Do it…Do it…Do it!! I have yet to meet anyone who has tried SUP and not loved it…get a lesson or get out with your friends but get out and enjoy all the water has to offer….did I mention you should really try it haha! 

Find out more – @samantharutt_oceanadventure

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