10 Things I’ve learnt from the first 120 miles

1. 847 miles is going to be tough
I might have underestimated how far it is or my ability but that’s okay – it’s a challenge for a reason. It’s also for a great cause raising awareness for #PaddleKitHerWay and money for Weldmar Hospice.

2. Confidence can waver
Some days my confidence feels like a powerhouse on the water, who can face anything, surf the wave and go for miles. Other days, I feel anxious, standing feels impossible.

3. Every paddle is different
Some are strong, some are memorable, some are short and sweet and others, just feel rubbish – there’s not always a reason for it.

4. Rest is important
Sometimes, there is a reason for a paddle to feel rubbish – doing too much, everyday, can suck the enjoyment out of paddling. Taking a day off is important, it can be tough when the weathers great but sometimes you still need too!

5. Life has begun to revolve around the weather
Ask me what the wind speed or direction is and I’ll be able to tell you. What’s the forecast for the next few days, well, I’ll be sure to tell you which days look best for paddling!

6. The seasons changing is beautiful
Winter to Spring has been wonderful and makes me appreciate nature so much more.

7. Some miles feel really long
Into that wind that’s stronger than predicted and is throwing up lots of chop – not always very fun.

8. Progress happens without you realising it
Suddenly you realise that the distance or the skill you just nailed felt easy when only weeks ago it felt impossible.

9. Friends for miles
The best kind of miles are with friends, chatting along and laughing

10. Believing I can do it
I need to remember this because with a huge number of miles ahead of me, I have to believe I can do it otherwise, without belief in myself, I just won’t be able to do it! And I’m going to do it!

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