A chat with Jo Moseley

Hi, I’m Jo. I’m 56 (on Boxing Day!) and I live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. I’ve been a single Mum to my gorgeous boys – now both in their 20s – for quite a while and am now in a new chapter of life, an empty nester! 

I started SUP in 2016, taking my first lesson in the Lake District on 24 September. I know so clearly because for the first time in months I felt like a warrior not a worrier! I felt like Wonderwoman! I was recovering from a knee injury and my spirit was lifted immediately.

I paddle on the sea, the canals and a reservoir in the hills near my home. In summer 2019 I paddled coast to coast 162 miles from Liverpool to Goole, picking up litter and raising money for @waveprojectuk and 2minuteBeachClean. I also walk a lot, do kettlebells and swim, in a pool + sea. I love body balance classes too to keep me mobile + flexible!

SUP makes me feel alive! Uplifted, calm, free, in the moment, like Wonderwoman, connected to nature and connected to myself. It has given me courage, confidence, a sense of purpose and possibility. It’s also enriched my life with friendships and many opportunities over the years – radio, tv, magazines, speaking and making tiny award winning films about the joy of paddleboarding.

Although I have always been able to find kit, the sizing often feels a bit odd even within brands. The #paddlekitherway is important to me because I want every woman, if she wishes to try paddleboarding, to feel welcome and that she belongs. 💙

Photo credit – @cag_photo

Find out more about Jo @healthyhappy50

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