A chat with Tamara

I’m Tamara, and I live in Australia (Wollongong, NSW). I’m studying a Masters of Counselling right now, and last September as I thought about self-care in a highly emotionally demanding career I realised how important being out on the water was to me. I used to kayak as a child but I put weight onContinue reading “A chat with Tamara”

10 Things I’ve learnt from the first 120 miles

1. 847 miles is going to be toughI might have underestimated how far it is or my ability but that’s okay – it’s a challenge for a reason. It’s also for a great cause raising awareness for #PaddleKitHerWay and money for Weldmar Hospice. 2. Confidence can waverSome days my confidence feels like a powerhouse onContinue reading “10 Things I’ve learnt from the first 120 miles”